Pre-K Readiness Program

The right environment
for growing

Social skills are a big focus in pre-K as your child gets ready for kindergarten. Your child will work on talking through big feelings and resolving conflicts with words. They’ll also talk about themselves and their families, and learn about each other’s similarities and differences.


A Nurturing Foundation for Kindergarten

The next level of the journey helps children master the necessary skills for kindergarten success. A center-based early childhood education environment encourages learning that is social, interactive—and fun! 

"Children should enter their first years of elementary school with an ability to comprehend broader language and math concepts, but also feel prepared for the social and emotional demands of school. Key indicators of a child's readiness for kindergarten and first grade include: Readiness to accept new responsibilities and greater independence. Critical thinking and problem solving skills. A strong enthusiasm for learning Innovative and creative thinking. The ability to make new friends and respect others."

Our preschool curriculum includes language arts and comprehension, phonics and listening skills, computers, vocabulary, literature, math readiness, art, manners and values and morals. Preschool provides numerous opportunities to succeed and build positive self-esteem. 

Fun and Learn Together

Make learning fun! We have tons of engaging and effective learning activities. 


Arts & Crafts

Join Our Preschool Program

The Preschool Program allows your child to learn along with others in large and small groups. Allow your Preschooler the chance to jumpstart their learning and make learning easier for years to come.